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20 September 2008



Just shows that we really need educate all marketeers on a propose reach and frequency model (active versus passive).

If the multiple tab function is in all versions of new browsers, users can easily kept their browser on multiple sites in a day. Is this still consider proper online reach and market share?

Knowing that there are hardly any proper measurement metrics in place and so many myths in the landscape to debunk (Ex. benchmark CTR as a measurement for online media performance), it is an irony to see a global research firm and the biggest software and technology company make a claim like this publicly.

Makes me wonder why we are still so far from having digital lead the media and marketing businesss...


Penetration has always been a tricky figure in media planning, to be honest. In the good old days - and people were planning 'national campaigns' (e.g., Philippines), penetration is equated with ownership and access. HOWEVER, just because penetration is at 100% doesn't necessarily mean that all the population use a certain medium.

Take the case of radio. Everybody has radio - but it doesn't mean that everybody listens to the radio. In fact, if you even went further and said "yeah, but listenership need to be 'time-based' and 'time-constrained'", then ownership and general listenership becomes even far more questionable. If you added in "active listening within the past day", we're in far more trouble.

I think "penetration" is such an old metric - and it predates even reach, frequency, and other OTS measures. And the fact is, we need to get beyond OTS now. It is sad when we still see digital from the OTS perspective.

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