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12 January 2009


Long tale

Interesting point, but I'd have thought descriptions were the yield of the infrastructure and the predictive bit of the bargain was planners' raison d'etre.

How else can planners, consultants and the like justify charging a fee for their largely intangible product?

Philip Tiongson

Thanks, Long Tale, for the comment. The funny thing is there seems to be a lot of emphasis on descriptive reporting amongst 'planners' - even amongst those who claim to be good with, say, Google Analytics and other similar stuff online. When I look at them, I see nothing but percentages and "how many converted". There seems to be no further exploration into "why things are such" and "how things will be".

I guess some clients just don't want to be bothered, I guess, that's why planners can get away with it.

As for consultants, most that I have met and worked with are great - it's just that one has to be aware of the "signal-to-noise" ratio sometimes. They can tend to be overzealous about their predictions and their assumptions that one needs to take it with a grain of salt.

Thanks again.

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