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03 April 2009



but others may not see that. others may say that u didnt do a good job etc etc even though u claimed u did. It may be a good feeling for you on that day itself but when u wake up following day and realised what u did yest was NOTHIN, it just make it all worst. Sometimes, it takes someone to bring your hopes, dreams down...just small tiny mini word enuff to kill you. Oh well...hope i make sense. :-D

Philip Tiongson

Indeed the world has short memories. In a world that can only be described as centered on "What have you done for me lately?", I can't deny that you have a point.

But why would I want others determine my mood or my feelings? If I feel that I have given everything I have got, it doesn't really matter what your sup or your boss or your peers feel if you know that deep within you, you've done everything you could?

One always has a choice: look at things half-full or half-empty. Look at people as always out to get you - or there to help you learn something you've never had the chance to learn. Be killed and destroyed by one word - or be strengthened by the same word.

It's all within the realm of choice.

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