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15 August 2009



spot on sir. love the last paragraph. once again, it's a case of ensuring we don't mistake the means for the end.

Philip Tiongson

thanks, sir! that was inspired by you and your entries at http://eskimon.wordpress.com

i honestly believe that we are in danger of "overrating" technologies. take analytics for example: just because we have fast software that filter out millions of potential models doesn't mean we will end up with the right model. it's still the discipline of analysing and grounding these into real things that matter - not the technologies. it is still the hypotheses and the principles of communications that matter.

the same is true with the social medium: Thank God for Twitter, Facebook, blogs, MySpace, Friendster, Twhirl, Tweetdeck, and now, iGoogle for opening up the doors. But that is the real story: the real story is, FINALLY, marketeers are realizing that markets/audiences/customers/consumers are in conversations and are getting themselves heard. They are willing - and now able - to talk back to brands and marketeers. And they are willing - and now able - to talk to others who share the same passion/dispassion and love/hate towards a certain experience of a brand.

that's the revolution.

tech was just a means to a really bigger, better, more important and more critical end: for marketeers to listen to and in conversations initiated by people.


dear phil,

you have a compelling site and i like what you say that we should not mistake the 'social tools' as the be all and end all.

however i do feel that while social media itself may not be new; the social media movement certainly is;
this potency available to the individual action/word backed by technology is newfound!

It ends up privileging individual agency like never before.
What interests me (to borrow from mcluhan) is the 'ground' of this idea...the 'message' of this idea and
how it is going to influence everything around us.

also as someone wise recently said 'it is not the social media we should be obsessed with but social ideas. begin with lives and what role we can play in them and not with tools'.

thanks for inviting me to your blog...



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