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12 August 2009



It seems you are bumping up agsainst the limits of correlation. There are limits to knowing in something as dynamic the global stock market, but would a qualitative approach, followed by an experimental approach take you a step further in your quest for understanding. With semantic computing progressing, it would seem that large scale qualitative study is becoming possible.
P.S. I doubt all but a few could distinguish you from a statistician. I think your sex appeal is safely secured for the time being.

Philip Tiongson

Indeed, I am challenging the rules of correlation. And indeed, there are limits to learning something as dynamic as the stock market. My point was more to say "hey, if I wanted to create an equation between two things, it can be done... and it may prove to be statistically significant and logical and obey rules and assumptions [the above doesn't :)]".

I would agree with you that there is a need for a qualitative-quantitative approach in understanding data. We live in a data-rich world - where data is simply available, and software that can crunch numbers are also cheaper, more widely available...

But that doesn't mean we are narrowing the gap between what is happening really.

I think there is hope in semantic computing and statistical relational learning and methods. I think the social media revolution is not just about the connections between people - but the connections between information bits. And that's where we need to evolve to.

Thanks for the comments!

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