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29 November 2009


New High Score

Wow, delighted to find someone who is actually doing marketing analytics BEYOND just simply web analytics

Great post, though I got the impression that it doesn't deal differently with direct/digital marketing differently (happy to be proved otherwise). I'm only pointing that out because direct and digital marketing open up a whole new pandora's box of analytics - web, dm modelling, response simulation, etc.

Philip Tiongson

Hi ya - you do raise a very valid point. And I would have to say that I am not very conversant on DM/CRM. To be honest, I did think about that - how we can "integrate" the Macro leading marketing KPIs/indicators with "elemental, consumer-level" data. But I wasn't too sure how to - yet.

I did focus in the post on the macro indicators - things such as communications activities (e.g., advertising, PR), pricing, distribution, and tactical efforts (e.g., retail push, pricing).

I do think that CRM - digital or non-digital (specially for emerging markets) - is a critical tool. (I think it was David Ogilvy who said that CRM is the marketing strategist's secret weapon - and I do agree with that!)

Given the social media technologies that have arisen empowering consumers to not just be recipients of messages but in themselves "conveyors of messages" to others, and empowering them to respond back almost in realtime (at least theoretically), CRM is a significant channel.

However, I have yet to really, deeply think about how we can integrate these macro indicators with the Direct/Digital Marketing indicators.

One thing is for sure: we need to.

But the approach will need to be very different.

What do you think?

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