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18 November 2011



Hi Philip,

Interesting point you bring up. I work for Paper.li, do you mind if I comment?

We see our service as a balance between manual and automated and highly encourage publishers to take the time to review their content, and content streams, on a regular basis.

Paper.li is used in many ways from a timeline reader to promoting awareness and education on very long tail topics.

We find that our topic based publishers spend a good amount of time upfront curating and fine tuning their content sources before publishing, reviewing sources and content on an ongoing basis and editing editions, deleting, repositioning content and so forth.

Our aim is to make the publishing of a topic easy for anyone to do. We bring the technology to the table that fetches, analyzes and presents content in an easy to digest format, however the "human" touch is needed in order to bring a topic to life.


Philip Tiongson

Hi Kelly -

Thanks very much for your comment! I am a fan of Paper.li - and so are my colleagues in the office (who when introduced to Paper.li started to create their own papers!).

Indeed, the "human" touch is still needed - particularly in curating the topics that are being aggregated. And that is probably where most of my "papers" and topics are missing.

I'll spend more time with my Paper.li account and see what "human touch" I can add in to my papers.

Thank you once again for the comment.


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